This is where you login to the WordPress dashboard:

To view the notes and examples in the WordPress dashboard (So you can copy and paste the hard html parts), go to WP dashboard >> Pages >> Test

*Working note: I usually have more than one window open at a time. One with the front end of the website, and one with the dashboard open.

Go to post >> New Post >> Your title will appear as a heading at the top of the page. There is no need to re-type it.

Use the STANDARD builder (not the visual builder), use the TEXT tab. ***IMPORTANT***

Below are six Headings tags to choose from. Notice in the WordPress dashboard on the test page that there is an opening tag and a closing tag. The closing tag always has a slash /. The title of you post will automatically populate as an H1 tag.

Heading One

Heading Two

Heading Three

Heading Four

Heading Five
Heading Six

This is where you get images: depositphotos.com
Login is courtney@popxgraphics.com

This is where you size photos for websites:
Featured Post images are 300 pixels x 200 pixels.

The OCBJ headers should be sized at 1271 x 144 pixels.


Just in case — ordered (numbered) List Example. Copy the whole list and change out the type that says “Bullet #1,” etc. You can have as many list items as you want. Notice in the dashboard >> Pages >> Test page that the list items have an opening and closing tag (with a backslash).

  1. Bullet #1
  2. Bullet #2
  3. Bullet #3
  4. Bullet #4

Unordered List Example (bullets). Copy and paste the list items between the opening and closing list tags. You can add or remove items.

  • Bullet #1
  • Bullet #2
  • Bullet #3
  • Bullet #4

Watch a video on html lists is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09oErCBjVns
You can start this video at 1:32. (The opening and closing body tags would only be for a brand new website. Your site already has the opening and closing body tags.

Blockquote example – this is for type that you want to emphasize. It’s similar to a pull quote in magazine with specialized styling. The html example is on WP dashboard>>Pages>>test page for you to copy

Blockquote: This is a really interesting thing to say about something very important.

This is kind of cool.

If you need a call to action with a button, this is how to do it (below). Replace the # with the web address (including the https://), and replace the word Button with whatever you would like the button text to be (like “Contact Us)

link to my services page

This is how you make bold type. Place the type between an opening and closing strong tag.
I am bold.

This is how you make italic type. Place the type between an opening and closing em tag.
I am italic.

This is how you make type bold and italic. Place the type between an opening and closing em and strong tags. Note the order. These tags nest. You can do the em or the strong first. The one that comes first doesn’t matter; you will have the same result. Examples:
I am italic and bold.
I am italic and bold.

This is how you make a horizontal rule (below). You can just copy and paste it if you don’t remember every time.

This is how you put an extra space between paragraphs (below). Usually, in WordPress, you can just hit an extra return.

If a break is giving you serious trouble, use this (below). It’s a hack, but it works.

This is at the bottom of some of your “In The News” posts (below). You will need to copy and paste the html below. (See notes in WordPress dashboard >> Pages >> Test Page)

Jeff Elkins is a licensed CPA in California and Tax Manager at RJI International CPAs. He has an extensive background in income tax planning and compliance for corporations, partnerships and high net worth individuals. Specializing in closely held businesses, Jeff’s focus is on helping his clients minimize their tax liabilities and create multi-generational wealth as they grow their business. Jeff can be reached at 949.852.1600 or jelkins@rjicpas.com

About RJI International CPAs
Established in 1980, RJI specializes in audit, accounting, corporate and interna­tional tax issues for publicly traded and privately held companies. RJI is PCAOB registered and the Southern California member firm of DFK International, one of the largest accounting networks in the world.

RJI Logo

Both of the sections in the html that are highlighted below will need to be replaced with the correct author information. The part that is circled in red, will need to be replaced with the correct image from the media libary. (Click for a larger image):

To find the image url for the part that is circled in red (below), go to the WP dashboard >> Media Library. Locate the correct image and copy and paste everything after https://rjicpas.com starting with /wp-content. See screenshot below (click for a larger image):

For the author information above, I often find an old post with the correct author and copy and paste the html instead of fishing the information out from the media library.

This is very important. Always double-check the front end of the website to make sure that everything is rendering correctly.
Call me at 760.803.0742 if you run into trouble.