Manuel J. Ramirez

Manuel J. Ramirez

Manuel Ramirez is Chairman of the Board of RJI International and was formerly associated with Price Waterhouse before joining RJI in 1990. He served as President and CEO from 1993 until 2013, before being named Chairman. Manuel was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a member of the California Board of Accountancy in 2007. In January, 2010, Manuel Ramirez was elected President of the California Board of Accountancy.

Manuel began his career in public accounting in 1981 in Orange County, California. He has experience in auditing and consulting with financial agencies, governmental institutions, healthcare providers, publicly traded companies, real estate developers, non-profit organizations, and privately held enterprises. In addition to his extensive financial, accounting and auditing experience, he has specialized experience in taxation and business consulting.

  • Masters of Science in Tax Law, Golden Gate University
  • Bachelor of Arts – Accounting, California State University, Fullerton
  • Certified Public Accountant – California
  • Forbes 2024 America’s Top 200 CPAs recognition
  • DFK International 

–President USA Executive Committee

  • California Board of Accountancy

– Appointed Board Member by Governor Schwarzenegger 2007, Vice President 2009, President 2010
– Appointed Chairman Committee of Professional Conduct 2008

  • American Board of Forensic Accountants

– Awarded Fellow 2006, Awarded Diplomat 1999

  • Hispanic 100 PAC

– Co-founder & First Chairman of the Board, Board Member

  • Santa Ana Business Bank

– Co-founder, Audit Committee Chairman, Loan Committee

  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of O.C.

– Former Chairman and President

  • Make a Wish Foundation

– Former Board Member & Investment Committee Chairman

  • GenNext PAC

– Co-founder & Executive Board Member

  • Orange County Catholic Foundation

– Co-founder, Investment Committee Chairman, Audit Committee Chairman, Vice Chairman

  • Legatus

– Chapter Co-founder, Board Member, Treasurer

  • Orange County Office of Protocol Foundation

– Former Board Member

  • Lincoln Club of OC

– Member since 1998, Current Treasurer

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