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Successful tax planning requires a team with a unique combination of skills, experience, resources and tools. The strategic and technical expertise of RJI CPAs can save you money, whether you are interested in reducing your personal tax liability or looking into tax credits and incentives for your business. Our goal is to help you take advantage of all of the potential tax-savings opportunities available.

We also help business owners evaluate the tax consequences of business and personal decisions, providing insights and guidance on how to retain more of your earnings.

Embedded in our domestic and international tax services is income tax consulting. We meet with clients through out the year and offer potential tax saving and planning ideas that can range from cost segregation to captive insurance to transfer pricing.

  • International Tax
    Our international tax team offers innovative tax-saving insights that support your overall business objectives. Our approach is supported with fast, well-executed implementation and diligent follow-up.

    We can reduce the effective tax rate on international earnings with our leading-edge tax strategies. Your planning and restructuring strategies are most effective when they align with your other tax activities, including U.S. federal and multi-state strategies, and other objectives and operating goals.

    Transfer Pricing

    Transfer pricing issues can present many challenges to businesses. From planning and strategic documentation to defense, our comprehensive services, resources, and technology can lead to tax savings that substantially reduce your global effective tax rate.
  • Domestic Tax
    Our tax practice is designed to help companies and individuals minimize their taxes through utilizing sophisticated tax planning techniques.

    We develop new strategies to help our clients save money on tax dollars during times of tax law revision. Staying one step ahead is key to our success.

    We offer the following solutions to our tax clients:

    • Analyze your tax situation throughout the year
    • Trusts & estate planning
    • Succession planning
    • Cost segregation
    • R&D tax credits
    • Accounting for Income Taxes (ASC 740)
    • State & Local Tax (SALT)
    • IC-DISC
    • Research tax law precedent
    • Project future tax liabilities
    • Create new tax entities
  • High Net Worth Individuals
    Individuals who have accumulated significant wealth over time or through a one-time business transaction, are often in need of specialized tax reduction techniques. We work directly with these individuals to ensure they are well-positioned upon a taxable sale transaction or are able to minimize the annual tax burden through effectively utilizing tax planning strategies.

    Some highly effective strategies includecaptive insurance companies, structuring primary residence to minimize state income concerns, and cost segregation studies to maximize depreciation on owned real estate.
  • Management Consulting
    Finding solutions to complex organizational issues that arise is pivotal to an organization's success. We provide technical and management assistance to privately owned businesses in the areas of management, marketing, financial, and firm operations.

    Financing assistance includes preparation of loan packages, negotiation with lenders and structuring debt reorganization. We also provide business planning assistance, including developing and writing business plans, marketing plans and private offering memoranda.

    We provide a broad range of consulting services, including:

    • Cost segregation studies
    • Independent contractor studies
    • Feasibility studies
    • Financial forecasting
    • Private placement memoranda
    • Business valuations
    • Business acquisitions

    We are experienced in merger and acquisition transactions, reverse mergers between U.S. and foreign corporations, and minimizing the tax impact to organizations and their owners.

    We have bi-lingual staff with experience in the planning, implementation and management of American-owned manufacturing plants in Mexico.
  • Litigation Support
    Attorneys often require expert assistance to help address complex business, financial, and accounting issues. An experienced CPA can be invaluable in gathering, organizing, and interpreting financial data.

    Our litigation practice has provided assistance on a variety of consulting engagements including:

    • Expert witness testimony
    • Audit deficiencies
    • Claims and damage analysis
    • Forensic accounting matters
    • Bankruptcy accounting
    • Marital dissolutions
    • Management reviews
    • Fraud, defalcations and improprieties investigations

    Our diverse team of professionals provides expert litigation support to various industries, including government, real estate, manufacturing, contracting and financial institutions.
Our goal is to help you reach yours.

Fernando Jimenez

Fernando Jimenez, CPA, MST

CEO / Tax Partner

Phone: 949-852-1600, ext. 419

Manuel Head

Manuel J. Ramirez, CPA, MST, FABFA

Chairman Of The Board/Tax Partner

Phone: 949-852-1600, ext. 402

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