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Accounting For Success

Manuel Ramirez knew what he wanted to focus on as soon as he earned his business degree: ” Working at an international accounting firm that would allow me the flexibility to obtain my masters in tax law.” Read More

Which Way For Wealthy?

First Foundation Inc. had no interest in expanding beyond California until last November. That’s when Proposition 30 passed, bringing a tax hike to households throughout the state with more than $250,000 in annual income. The increase wrought by the measure tops out...

International Tax Strategies – Reduce Your Tax Rate!

March 20, 2018 Microsoft is paying a 7 percent tax rate! How you ask? By utilizing some basic international tax strategies which might apply to you! The fact is, few large U.S. companies pay the standard U.S. corporate rate of 35 percent. Read More

RJI Ramirez Jimenez International joins global CPA network

The Irvine-based firm’s CEO says its association with DFK will help expand its worldwide reach. Brandon Russell, OC Metro Irvine-based RJI Ramirez Jimenez International has been selected as the Orange County representative for DFK International’s worldwide association...

Ramirez International Changes its Name

The Irvine-based CPA firm also has moved into larger offices and launched a new website. Jenna Sweeney, OC Metro Ramirez International Inc. is rebranding as Ramirez Jimenez International. As part of the effort, the full-service CPA and consulting firm also has moved...